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San Diego and the Ist 4 days of the adventure

Blast off-we’re outta here’ said the crewman on Southwest Airlines as we taxied out of Houston. It seemed fitting.
Arrived in San Diego at 10:30 AM. Since check in at the hotel was not till 4 PM I decided to go straight to the REI store. (For those who don’t know- it is an outdoor adventure store.Their mission/motto is to inspire, educate and outfit for a lifetime of outdoor adventure…).They had my bike which had been shipped a week earlier.This was both a good and a bad idea. It was good because it gave more time to get my bike fitted with the brake levers etc. that I had brought with me. The bad was when it came time to got to go to the hotel which was 12 miles away I was dependent on a cab transport as I still had my luggage with me.I Tried calling six of the cab companies but none wanted or could take me the bike and the luggage. The guys at REI San Diego were awesome. Jeb and Gene in the bike shop put my “oh shit” brake levers (which were not able to be put on at the REI Houston store as they hadn’t arrived.When it became clear that I would have a problem getting to the hotel with my bike and the luggage, I let the guys know and Russ and his girlfriend offered to take me when he got off as 6. Luckily it was not too far out of their way (or at least they kindly said).you guys did REI and San Diego proud.! It was great meeting you all!
at the hotel met up with theKiwi contingent in our WomanTours group who had arrived a couple of days before.Dinner was a beer a slider and chips at a tavern.Not my normal fare But it was good.It seems about half of the group is already in town. Spent day 2 in SanDiego at the zoo.Awesome zoo!Here are a few of the pics.







OFfF WE GO-San Diego to Alpine- Day 1
We left the hotel -the mood was excitement , the skies were sunny even though the forecast was ominous..We made our way to Dog Beach to dip our rear tire in the ocean.A tradition.
As were the obligatory pictures.



My new friend Marilyn and I at the hotel.




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